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SUNGOD is a multitask company that has been created to appraise civil responsibility for the insurance companies concerning  malpractice committed by the medical and dentistry  professionals , as well as wrongdoings by legal, accounting, engineering, insurance brokerage firms as a whole.

Hours of Operation

SUNGOD provides a hot line free dialing 0800 number that runs 24 hours daily all across the national territory, with technical expertise and experienced staff empowered to deal with the nuances of each individual case.

Through its multitasked operational structure, SUNGOD offers speed and efficiency to the regulating market. Our staff is made up of specialists (physicians, dentists and so forth.), as well as special skilled lawyers and insurance brokers.

Legal Support

In order to protect prestige and professional image, SUNGOD provides the professionals and health care institutions legal support suited to the civil responsibility and criminal law, doctor law and ethics and disciplinarian law.

Crisis Management

Every professional is prone to crisis involving one’s image and prestige. Taking this into consideration, SUNGOD provides press coverage as well as legal and technical support, all conceived with the goal of reducing or eliminating the impacts arisen from challenges.

Technical Reserve

Through its network of skilled professionals and technical methodology, SUNGOD provides back up support gathered as technical reserve, and, thus is enabled to indicate the figure to be allocated by the insurer.

Prevention and Orientation

Through a consciousness-raising approach SUNGOD provides straightforward solutions catered to involving postural changes abstaining from technological and costly ones.



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Insurance Brokers : +55 11 2649-4185

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